6 ways of getting the word of God into your life daily

6 Ways of getting the word of God into your life daily

 I believe life is meant to be lived as intentional as possible. I believe that is why the bible, in Habakkuk, talks about writing down our vision and running with it. Whatever we desire in life, we must be intentional about achieving it. This includes spiritual growth and studying the word of God.

Unlike physical growth, spiritual growth isn’t automatic. It is not a function of how long you’ve been in the faith. You could be years into the faith and still be a baby, whilst another would just be months into the faith and yet more grown. So if you want to grow in faith, you need to start being intentional about how you live your life and what your daily habits consist of (because they can either make or break your life).

One way you can be intentional about attaining spiritual growth is by being intentional about getting the word of God into your life daily.

Last time I shared five tips to help you enjoy studying the bible (You can read it here)

Today, I will share with you some six ways how you can get the word of God into your life daily.

1. Putting time aside to study the work

The first way you can be intentional about spending time in the word is to intentionally put time aside to study the word. Notice I have used the word ‘put aside’ and not ‘find’. Find would imply you looking for time in your day where you can slot in bible study. Putting aside on the other hand implies that you are deliberately placing bible study on the top of your list of priorities in such a way that even if you are having a busy week, there will still be time for studying the bible.

This can be in the morning before starting your day. I would recommend this because the more later in the day you put it, the more the likelihood of being caught up in the day it slips your mind. But overall, you know best how your days normally look like, so you are in the best position to decide what time would work best for you.

Any time of the day, it doesn’t matter, as long there is time in your day put aside to study the word of God.

2. Having a daily devotional

This is another way of getting the word of God into your daily life. Devotionals are a great way to spend a few minutes in the word. When I do my normal bible study, on that time set aside, it usually takes me something between thirty minutes to an hour depending on the chapter or the topic I am studying that particular day.

This means since I usually do my bible study first thing in the morning, on days when I oversleep or I simply have a lot to do before I go out for work, I might not have enough time to dive deep into the word. These are usually the days I get hold of a devotional and just spend five to ten minutes in the word.

Currently am using the ‘Closer to God everyday’ devotional by Joyce Meyer. Be free to check online or in your local bookstore for a devotional you can be using. 

3. Having a verse within your sight

Another great and lazy way of getting the word into your life. If you have a verse just posted somewhere you will be forced to read, so you are effortlessly feeding your spirit man and attaining that growth.

This could be a verse stuck to a wall in your bedroom, your locker at school or at work, or even as the screensaver to your phone. I actually got this idea from my sister, who would stick some verses to the door inside her room. Every time she left her bedroom, her eyes would glide over the verses.

I personally do not like sticking things to my walls, so what I have done is put a sticky note program on my computer. This means, once I turn on the computer before I can open any other application, I see and get a chance to read a bible verse. 

I just feel that having a few verses just laying somewhere your eyes are bound to be is a great way of getting the word into your life.

4. Listening to podcasts

In times of technological advancement as now, it’s only proper that we use it to enhance our relationship with God. Getting a hold and listening to a gospel-based podcast can be a good way to achieve that.

Do you know what the best thing is about podcasts is? You can listen to them anywhere even whilst doing other things.

I remember a friend of mine sharing how she usually listens to podcasts when she is doing household chores like cleaning the house. Or if where you live is anything like where I do and the traffic sometimes gets hectic, instead of just waiting to get out of it, you could be using this time to listen to some uplifting podcast while seated in that car! Great right?

5. Watching a recording of a sermon/or a live sermon of TV

Watching recordings of sermons has been an integral part of my spiritual journey for a long time now. Just like the podcast, it is a great way of getting into the word that you can do whilst doing other things. It can be playing on your laptop whilst you are ironing your clothes (for example). In an era where there is so much to do and little time, we must be able to utilize such multi-tasking chances we get. And thank God for it.

So definitely check out this clever way of getting the word into your daily life. 

6. Tuning into a gospel radio program

Some time back, I used to hitch a ride in my sister’s car when going to work. And every time from 7:00 Am. she would tune in to African Bible College radio station where Pastor David Jeremiah would be preaching. It was a wonderful way of getting God’s word into our spirit!

Unfortunately, most people don’t utilize this opportunity of getting God’s word into their life. Most of us like listening to music or we tune it to other radio programs. Not saying these are bad, am just saying if we tuned to the right programs, even our radio can be a tool God uses to build us up. A tool you could use to get the word of God into your heart.


These are just a few ways on how you can be intentional about getting the word of God into your spirit and growing in your faith. This list is not exhaustive, there are probably many more out there I can’t even begin to think about, that is why I would like to hear from you in the comments section below. Also, you don’t have to do all the six above in a single day. You can apply just one or two or three per day, just make sure you are getting the word of God every single day.

So much love,

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