Plans for the New Year (2021)

Plans for the new year

I hope that this new year has started great for you and that you are planning on having a good one. And speaking of plans… today I thought of taking a different route from my normal posts by being more personal and sharing with you my plans and goals for 2021.

First general plan: I plan on making 2021 a year of a lot of firsts for me. The first ‘first’ being the Vison Board I have made for myself.

Like I shared in this post I first heard about Vision Boards in 2019 and I instantly knew that I would be making one for myself. I wanted to know more about vision boards so I did a little research. All the information I found then talked about using paper (magazines, newspaper etc.) in making the vision board. Getting the magazines, making cut-outs, and gluing them just sounded like a lot of work for me so I ended up procrastinating on that (I know, I know procrastination is bad but life can be like that sometimes).

Fast forward to November 2020, this blogger I follow on Instagram posted her vision board which she made using Canva. And it was like a light bulb lit up inside me. A few days later in early December 2020, I made my first ever Vision Board using the same tool. Yes. I had my 2021 plans and goals all lined up in December, I was that excited about this new year.

Anyway, I found that way of making the vision board to be extra easy (but still effective) and thought of sharing this easy way of making vision boards hence my post on making vision boards

Anyway, I have digressed.

Getting back to the topic…  I intend on making this year a year of growth for me. This year I plan on stretching myself whilst still prioritizing self-care. In short, this year I want to learn how to balance the various aspects of my life. I don’t want to grow in one area at the expense of another area of my life. Finding balance in life is central to my plans in 2021.

so here are some of my plans and goals for this year

  1. Become more consistent in publishing content on this blog
  2. Post more book reviews on this blog
  3. Finish (finally) writing my manuscript for a collection of short stories
  4. Create an office space in my home
  5. Read more books
  6. Pray more (and do more of everything that will help me grow in my spiritual journey)
  7. Play more (remember am striving for balance)
  8. Cultivate health relationships and friendships

so, what can you expect from me?

Expect more content on the following topics:

  • The Christian Faith
  • Personal development and motivation
  • Adulting
  • General lessons that life will be teaching me this year

Just expect me to be more active this year

And what do I ask from you?

That you stick around. That you will be sharing your thoughts and comments on the various topics I will be posting on here. That you will be sharing my content with your family and friends so that we can take this amazing trip together.

My hope is that you will continue coming back to this little space of the internet throughout the year.


So, there you have it. My plans and goals for 2021.

What about you? What are your goals and plans for this new year? Share them in the comment section below

So much Love,


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van Daks

Goal number three. So looking forward to goal number three. 😁


Wow…. l really love your stories. Am anticipating great 2021

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