How to live alone and enjoy it

How to live alone and enjoy it

I have been living alone for close to a year now and I love it. But I should let you know, this isn’t the first time I tried living alone. Let’s just say that my journey to living alone wasn’t smooth.

Judge for yourself…

When I graduated from college and I was job hunting, I was living with my sister and her family. When I got my first job I was still living with them. But then my sister’s family had to relocate for work and I saw an opportunity to ‘become independent’. So when she moved, instead of moving in with another relative (which was something everybody expected me to do), I found my own place.

Prior to making the move, I pictured myself having a good time in my own place. However, my experience was anything but enjoyable. So 2 months later, I pivoted and moved in with some relatives.

Stayed with them for about 7 months and made another move. This time around I opted to live with a friend– I had a roommate. Life with a roommate was fun, but alas she got married to the love of her life, hence she had to move out.

And it was decision time for me…. Find another roommate or take a step of faith and start living alone.

Recalling my first try at living alone, I knew that if I chose to live alone, I would have to do somethings to ensure that I enjoy it this time around. But still I took a leap of faith and moved into a one bedroom house alone. I will be clocking a year of living alone soon, and am happy to tell you that am enjoying it.

I guess that’s why I feel qualified to show you how you can live alone and enjoy it:

Turn your house into a home

how to live alone and enjoy it

You’ve probably heard the saying that it takes more than a house to make a home. Just because you have a house/apartment does not mean you have a home. A home is a place of comfort, a place of relaxation, a place where you can be who you are. I didn’t love living alone the first time I tried it partly because I didn’t take any time to turn it into my space- my home.  

So how do you turn a house into a home you ask?

First, buy home essentials. Things like kitchenware, a bed, and stuff like that. Things that you will need to live comfortably in your house (note: comfortably not lavishly).

Second, decorate your house. Let your space be a reflection of you. If you love plants, have a cactus here or there. You into art, hang up some art pieces. Let you house be a reflection or who you are, a place you can’t wait to go back to at the end of each day.

Take effort to turn your house into a home


how to live alone and enjoy it

Loneliness remains a reason why most people don’t love living alone. Just because you live alone does not mean you have to be alone all the times. We are social beings, so its’ important to not neglect our social life just because we are living alone now. So visit a friend once in a while, plan a game night and invite friends over, go out.  When you live alone you have to become more intentional about being social, it’s different from when you are living with people and you can just get out of your room and find people to chat with in the living room. You’ll have to put in effort when you live alone.

Remember: just because you live alone doesn’t mean you have to spend all of your time alone. socialize.

Develop positive habits

It’s easy to blame others when things aren’t working around the home when there is more than one person in the house. It’s hard when you are living alone. Picture this… the house is a mess, no one to blame but you. Nothing to eat in the house, no one to blame but you. This makes it very important to develop healthy and positive habits if you are to enjoy living alone. Have a cleaning schedule, do meal planning, a laundry schedule etc. Everything lies on you when you live alone, develop habits that will allow you to handle it all.

Be wise about your finances

You know that thing I said about you being responsible for everything in the home, it applies to finances too (sob sob). You will have to cover rental bills, utility bills etc. all by yourself. So it’s really important to become money wise once you start living alone. Create a budget and follow it. I can’t stress this point enough. Trust me, the last thing you want is your landlord kicking you out because you couldn’t pay your rent in time (nothing enjoyable about that). So please, we wise about your finances.

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Be positive

Attitude is everything. If you want to enjoy living alone, focus on the advantages of living alone. For example, you have complete privacy to do what you want to do, you have your own space that you can decorate anyhow you want etc. There are many advantages of living alone, focus on them. Cultivate the right attitude.  

As I leave

If you are planning on starting to live alone, or you already are living alone, I hope this post today will help you enjoy this season of your life.

Till next time,

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Aaron 'Nutty Professor' Mboma

😅😅. Splendid. Been at it for over a year and a half now.

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