Hello and welcome

I’m Yamie…

  1. A millennial (In my twenties)
  2. A personal development enthusiast
  3. A book lover
  4. A born again Christian
  5. A Malawian

On this site I share with you what God, Books and Life are teaching me as I walk journey through life.

I strive to help you create not just a life you dream for yourself but one that’s worth living by inspiring and encouraging you to focus on wholesome personal development i.e growth in all areas of your life, as you transition into adulthood.

I am in the process of ‘adulting’ myself. I am experiencing the responsibilities that come with being an adult for the first time as well. Trying to grow professionally, starting a new business, growing as a writer, meeting family obligations, church, relationships… I sometimes get overwhelmed.

I know that there have been times when have felt just as overwhelmed as well. Adulting is hard.

So I have created this space to offer you the inspiration and the encouragement you need to make it through this time of transitioning into adulthood.

And I want to inspire you to make this the best time of your life by becoming the best version of yourself.

I believe you are meant for so much more, I believe that you have greatness inside you, that you destined for success but I also know that that success isn’t going to be automatic.

I know you will have to work for it, sacrifice for it and you will have to be intentional about pursuing it.

And I am here to be the cheerleader you need…. and to offer you guidance as I share what I am learning as I transition into an adult myself.

so stay in touch, I will

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