4 Truths to help you embrace yourself and be original

4 Habits to help you embrace yourself

These days its hard to find people who are being original.

Our daily lives consist of absorbing unrealistic expectations from social media of what our lives should look like. We are told to live a certain way, uphold a certain lifestyle, possess certain types of attributes (be it physical or character traits). It’s no wonder many people’s social media profiles are merely a representation of what they think they should be and not a real representation of who they are.

With every little thing they post, people hide the truth about who they are and embrace the lie of what society tells them to be. What we fail to realize is that when we hide who we are, what we are doing is saying to ourselves that what we are is not okay. We are telling ourselves that we are not enough.

No wonder we are a generation of people who are always self-conscious, always struggling with image issues. We feel worthless. We are a generation of counterfeits, rarely do people choose to be original.

When we choose to be original on the other hand, we tell ourselves each day that who we are is enough. And instead of being self-conscious always, having personal image issues, believing that you always have to have things in order to be loved, you become an unburdened soul who is free to manifest the greatness that is inside you. You become an individual high on self-esteem, full of positive personal image. When you choose to be original, you are essentially choosing the freedom to manifest who God created you to be.

But choosing originality is important beyond freedom; it will also help you to cultivate healthy relationships. Original people appreciate originality in others. When you shrug off the responsibility of conforming to the society, you don’t exude that every same expectation on others. And so people are comfortable being themselves around you. And since they don’t have to keep up a façade, they will love being around you. They will love relating to you and will feel connected to you. The end result? High quality and healthy relationships.

And most importantly, being original is the best gift you can offer to this world. When God created each one of us, he deposited gifts, talents, and all these amazing gifts that He expects us to deliver to this world. Inside our originality is a different form of personality, craft, etc. that’s supposed to increase the diversity and beauty of this world. When we refuse to be original, we not only rob ourselves of greatness, we rob the world of the gift we were supposed to serve.

Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have the obligation to be one

Eleanor Roosevelt

4 Truths to help you be original

Maybe now you are thinking: yes I understand just how important it is to be original but how? You have been conforming for such a long time you don’t know how else to live. Below am sharing with you 4 truths I believe will help you in your quests for originality.

1. You are unique

I believe part of the reason why we try to copy other people is that we believe them to be more…something. It could be amazing, beautiful, intelligent, or whatever. But we believe they are better than us. And while I have to admit that in some areas people can be better than us (they could be better writers, better dancers), overall, I don’t believe any human being can be better than another.

I mean the phrase ‘better than’ implies comparisons. But baby, you are in your own class of humans. There is only one you in this world, you are that unique. So any form on comparison will always be unfair to either the other person, you, or both because you are different individuals with differing strengths, weaknesses, experiences, and upbringings. Unless you tell me that you have found someone EXACTLY like you (ie. Share the same attributes, strengths, weaknesses, experiences, etc), you are not justified in making comparisons.

Today realize this: no person can be better than you because such comparisons are baseless.

2. You are enough

I believe no person is here on this earth by chance. Oh, you might have been a surprise baby but you were not a surprise to God. He knew exactly who He was creating and for what purpose. And because He knew the purpose for which you were created, he placed in you exactly what you need to be successful in life.

So you don’t need to be something you are not to achieve success; you are enough. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not saying don’t try to improve yourself because that is important; I am saying don’t try to be something that you are not because what you are is enough to take you where you need to go in life.

3. Everyone has flaws

Most times than not, we tend to be too hard on ourselves. We judge ourselves too strictly. We tend to magnify our weaknesses. On the other hand, we ignore weaknesses in people we look up to. That is why we think too highly of them and too lowly of ourselves.

However, I think it’s important to find balance. When we begin to see that other people are just as flawed as us, it will help us stop being too harsh on ourselves and the mistakes we make. Maybe that will help us be more willing to embrace ourselves for who we are. To embrace our originality

4. You have your own journey

Remember when I said you are uniquely you? Well, the same applies when it comes to journeys in life. we all have different destinies.

If we have different destinies, it also means we are walking different paths. We may cross paths with others but that doesn’t make their path ours nor ours to be theirs.

Everyone has their own path they have to walk, their own mark they have to make. That includes you.

By not being original, you leave your path and run other people’s races. Funny thing is, even if you reach the finish line first before the owner of the race, you won’t be walking away with the prize because it wasn’t your race. On the other hand, even if you are late in reaching the finish line of your race, you will walk away with the prize because it is your race.

so embrace your own journey, and walk it with pride.


More than anything, I hope this has encouraged you to embrace yourself for who you are. To be an original and not just a shadow of what society tells you to be.

So much Love,


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