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本文摘要:语法填空名词(含词性转换)解题技巧汇总一、判断方式:1. 空格处的提示词为名词二、基本能力 1. 名词复数的写法(1)规则变化(2)不规则变化 child孩子→children man男子→men tooth牙→teeth foot脚,英尺→feet mouse老鼠→mice phenomenon现象→phenomena medium流传前言→mediadatum(数据)→ dataStadium(体育场)→stadia 或者 stadiums2. 构词法相关知识:名词与动


语法填空名词(含词性转换)解题技巧汇总一、判断方式:1. 空格处的提示词为名词二、基本能力 1. 名词复数的写法(1)规则变化(2)不规则变化 child孩子→children  man男子→men  tooth牙→teeth  foot脚,英尺→feet  mouse老鼠→mice phenomenon现象→phenomena  medium流传前言→mediadatum(数据)→ dataStadium(体育场)→stadia 或者 stadiums2. 构词法相关知识:名词与动词、形容词交换的常见写法3. 名词所有格的写法(2021年的八省联考的最新考法)以s末端的复数名词直接加 ' 其余加 's 例如:We accepted the invitation without a moment’s hesitation.我们一点也没有犹豫就接受了邀请。三、常见考法 低级难度:1.名词变复数(1)修饰词①one of+名词复数。

②大于2的基数词,different,various,many,these/those,few,a few,several,all,both,other,a (large) number of,a couple of,a dozen of,dozens of,a handful of等后用名词复数。③some后如果是可数名词,要用复数。

(2)谓语动词:如果所填的名词作主语,谓语动词是复数形式are,were,have或动词原形,则用名词复数。(3)特殊的复数名词belongings n.产业possessions n.产业congratulations n.祝贺surroundings n.情况findings n.发现good/bad manners有礼貌/没礼貌take turns轮流in all directions四面八方in ruins严重受损;破败不堪中级难度名词所有格翻译句子,发现要翻译为:.“... ...的” 时高级难度词性转换(判断是哪种词性的词是难点)分析句子结构并确定所填词在句子中所作的身分是解答词性转换题的关键所在。(1)填形容词或副词①作定语、表语、宾补或主补时,填形容词。


注意:①、②考的概率很是高;③考的概率低(2)两种方法判断填名词① 凭据所作身分判断a设空作主语或作及物动词(短语)或介词(短语)的宾语时,填名词。b作表语,表主语是“什么”时,填名词。注意:a情况考察概率高;b情况较难,需要翻译能力② 凭据设空位置判断a在“冠词(+形容词)”后填名词。b在“冠词+ +of”结构中填名词。

c在形容词性物主代词、名词所有格、数词、量词、形容词之后,思量填名词。注意:abc三种情况考察比力多③ 作谓语或“非谓语”时填动词所给词是形容词或名词,设空在句中作谓语或非谓语,填动词,再凭据详细语境,联合构词法,填写转换后的正确的动词形式。注意:形容词或者名词变为动词原形考察比力多;在转换其他的事情谓语或者非谓语形式考察比力少。四、经典训练 较易试题:1.No matter what you like to do,there is a way to get involved in various ______ (activity) on Earth Day.(2019·北京)谜底 activities剖析 考察名词复数。


2.Making Chinese ______(dish) is seen as especially troublesome.(2018·浙江)谜底 dishes剖析 考察名词复数。dish菜肴,为可数名词,中式菜肴有许多种,故此处用dish的复数形式。3.A mere five to 10 minutes a day of running reduced the risk of heart disease and early deaths from all ______(cause).(2018·全国Ⅰ)谜底 causes剖析 考察名词复数。

cause表现“原因,起因”时是可数名词,前面有all修饰,故填cause的复数形式。4.This trend,which was started by the medical community(医学界) as a method of fighting heart disease,has had some unintended side ______(effect) such as overweight and heart disease—the very thing the medical community was trying to fight.(2017·全国Ⅰ)谜底 effects剖析 考察名词复数。

side effect副作用,由前面的some和下文中的两个例子overweight and heart disease可知,名词effect用复数形式effects。5.It ran for just under seven kilometers and allowed people to avoid terrible ______(crowd) on the roads above as they travelled to and from work.(2017·全国Ⅱ)谜底 crowds剖析 考察名词复数。crowd是可数名词,且前面没有限定词,故应用复数形式。

6.She has turned down several ______(invitation) to star at shows in order to concentrate on her studies.(2017·全国Ⅲ)谜底 invitations剖析 考察名词复数。several表“几个”,其后要用名词invitation的复数形式invitations。7.Last October,while tending her garden in Mora,Sweden,Lena Pahlsson pulled out a handful of small ______(carrot) and was about to throw them away.(2017·浙江)谜底 carrots剖析 考察名词复数。

a handful of一把,几个,后接可数名词的复数形式。a handful of carrots一把胡萝卜。8.Recent ______(study) show that we are far more productive at work if we take short breaks regularly.(2016·全国Ⅱ)谜底 studies剖析 考察名词复数。

凭据后面的谓语动词show可知,主语应是复数形式。9. Since 1953, UNICEF has taken (take) up an extended mission to help children in the developing world, including those living with disease or disabilities, and those affected by rapid modernization and environmental ______ (problem). (2021年西城期末)谜底 studies剖析 考察名词复数。

problem是可数名词,没有限定词,所以是复数形式。2021年最新考法A ________(65)(student) college experience is his or her own, and the student must put his or her education first(2021年八省联考英语试题)谜底 student’s 剖析 考察名词所有格。

凭据句意,一个学生的大学履历是自己唯一无二的,学生必须把自己的教育放在首位。词性转换1.The far side of the moon is of particular ______ (interesting) to scientists because it has a lot of deep craters(环形山)...(2020·全国Ⅰ)谜底 interest剖析 考察词性转换(形容词变名词)。

此处是“be of+名词”结构,be of interest to sb.意为“对某人有吸引力”。2.Chinese New Year is a ______ (celebrate) marking the end of the winter season and the beginning of spring.(2020·全国Ⅱ)谜底 celebration剖析 考察词性转换(动词变名词)。由空前的不定冠词a可知,此处应填名词。

3. The ______ (beauty) long branches covered with pink­colored buds(蓓蕾) make fantastic decorations.(2020·全国Ⅱ)谜底 beautiful剖析 考察词性转换(名词变形容词)。由于空后的中心词是名词branches,所以只能用形容词。4.Filled with ______(curious),the artist packed his bags and left.(2020·全国Ⅲ)谜底 curiosity剖析 考察词性转换(形容词变名词)。

作介词with的宾语,用名词形式。5.Landing on the moon’s far side is ______(extreme) challenging.(2020·全国Ⅰ)谜底 extremely剖析 考察词性转换(形容词变副词)。修饰形容词challenging应用extreme的副词形式extremely。

6.______ (certain) during the holiday period,this plant is a must.(2020·全国Ⅱ)谜底 Certainly剖析 考察词性转换(形容词变副词)。此处修饰整个句子,用副词certainly,注意首字母要大写。7.As the small boat moved ______ (gentle) along the river he was left speechless by the mountains being silently reflected in the water.(2020·全国Ⅲ)谜底 gently剖析 考察词性转换(形容词变副词)。用副词修饰动词moved。

8.In the 18th and 19th centuries,______ (wealth) people travelled and collected plants,historical objects and works of art.(2020·新高考全国Ⅰ)谜底 wealthy剖析 考察词性转换(名词变形容词)。此处是形容词作定语,修饰名词people。wealthy adj.富足的。

9. Historical ______ (accurate) is important but so is entertainment.(2020·新高考全国Ⅰ)谜底 accuracy剖析 考察词性转换(形容词变名词)。形容词historical修饰的名词在句中作主语。10.In recent years some Inuit people in Nunavut have reported increases in bear sightings around human settlements,leading to a ______ (believe) that populations are increasing.(2019·全国Ⅰ)谜底 belief剖析 考察词性转换(动词变名词)。凭据其前不定冠词和其后的同位语从句可知,空格处应为名词形式,故填belief。

11.When they were free from work,they invited us to local events and let us know of an interesting ______ (compete) to watch,together with the story behind it.(2019·全国Ⅲ) 谜底 competition剖析 考察词性转换(动词变名词)。由空前的an interesting可以确定空格处应该填名词形式。

故填competition。12.They also shared with us many ______(tradition) stories about Hawaii that were hugely popular with tourists.(2019·全国Ⅲ)谜底 traditional剖析 考察词性转换(名词变形容词)。

空格处修饰名词stories,应用形容词,tradition的形容词形式为traditional,故填traditional。13. While many of your trusted relatives and peers(同龄人) may have very ________(57)(value) advice that can help you to make the decision, finally the choice is yours and yours alone. Only you can fully realize which aspects of a college will make you truly happy and ________(58)(satisfy), so keep that at the front of your mind. (2021年八省联考试题)谜底 valuable;satisfied剖析 考察词性转换(名词变形容词)。57空格处修饰名词advice,应用形容词,value的形容词形式为valuable,故填valuable。

58空格处是并列结构,空前为形容词,空后也为形容词;又因为都是修饰你,所以谜底为satisfied。注意:57空valuable 的写法,不要写成valueable;58空注意区分:satisfied和satisfactory;satisfied:filled with satisfaction;satisfactory:Something that is satisfactory is acceptable to you or fulfils a particular need or purpose. (两个单词释义来自柯林斯字典)故 satisfactory用来修饰物;satisfied用来修饰人类似于:~ing:令人。;~ed感受到。

例如:He was excited by the exciting news.。

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